Chimney Removal

  • Cavendish Square, Strathmore
  • Cavendish Square, Strathmore
  • Cavendish Square, Strathmore

With the earthquake-prone area we live in an old chimney can pose a potential risk for injury and damage, so in many cases, it makes sense to have an obsolete chimney removed. However, depending on the structure of your chimney, you may need additional consents from the city council. To support this we provide a full chimney inspection, assessment, and removal service. 

We’ll take care of everything, to remove your unwanted chimney safely:

  • Scaffolding 
  • Chimney removal and disposal
  • Roof repair
  • Consent process consultation (if required)

And, don’t worry. Your home will be weather tight, throughout the entire process.

We’re also able to repair all the internal spaces from the chimney removal process. That way you can get on with your renovation plans.

Contact us today to start your chimney removal project!